WCAEA ​协会简介

The World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA) is a non-profit, non-political academic organization that promotes arts and education. It is the only international arts education organization serving Chinese arts educators worldwide.

世界华人美术教育协会(The World Chinese Arts Education Association),英文简称“WCAEA”,是社会公益性和非政治性的学术交流机构,旨在艺术与教育推广,是全球唯一的华人美术教育民间国际组织。

The predecessor of this association was the "Cross-Strait Art Education Committee" established in 1998, later renamed "The World Chinese Arts Education Association" in 2008, and has hosted seven international arts education symposiums since then. The foundation of the WCAEA is to connect Chinese through arts education around the world.

该协会的前身是1998年成立的“海峡两岸美术教育组委会”,为进一步扩大影响力,后于2008年更名为“世界华人美术教育协会”,并自此举办了七次国际艺术教育研讨会。 WCAEA的基础是通过艺术教育将世界各地的华人联系起来。

Mission 宗旨

Short Term Goals:

1. To promote arts education in China and Chinese communities worldwide;
2. To sustain and expand arts education research and practice in China and Chinese communities around the world;
3. To advance foundations of k-12 arts education and gather expertise in higher education to cultivate and generate quality teacher-preparation programs;
4. To provide opportunities through international exchanges and collaborations to establish global perspectives for Chinese arts educators and those of Chinese descent;
5. To institute procedures for diverse educational and cultural exchanges.

Long Term Goals:
1. To affiliate with arts education organizations and associations worldwide to help strengthen international collaborations.
2. To diversify and expand services worldwide to art educators of Chinese and those of Chinese descent.

Collaboration 合作

In the year of 2013, WCAEA and the UNESCO International Society for Education through Arts (InSEA) became strategic alliances.  In 2019 and 2020, WCAEA formed sister-alliances with Turkey National Visual Art Education Association (GÖRSED), Association of Cultural Offices in Philippine Educational Institutions, Inc. (ACOPEI), the Social Aesthetic Education Alliance (CSAEA), and Malaysian Junior Art Education Association (MYJAEA).

在2013年,WCAEA和联合国教科文组织国际教育艺术协会(InSEA)成为战略联盟。 2019 - 2020年间,WCAEA与菲律宾教育文化处协会、土耳其国家视觉艺术教育协会(GÖRSED),社会美育建联盟结(CSAEA),以及马来西亚少儿美术教育协会(MYJAEA)缔结姐妹联盟协会。


Phase One: Cross-Strait Art Education Association 1999-2006

阶段一: 海峡两岸美术教育组委会 1999-2006

Dr. Ann Kuo

Founder of the Association

Photo Credits: Dr. Michael Day

In the late 90’s, after the communication channels across the straits just opened up, Dr. Ann Kuo, who came from Taiwan, realized there should be an organization to promote art education collaborations across the straits. She zealously sought and planned the development of a platform for Chinese art educators to share and exchange ideas in the arts.  

“Cross-Strait Art Education Association” was born. 


The mission of Cross-Strait Art Education Association is:


1. to establish a platform for art education for Chinese art educators;

2. to combine the efforts of the four regions cross-straits;

3. to strengthen foundations in primary and secondary art education; 

4. to apply research methods from the East and the West;

5. to promote high quality research in art education.

Phase Two: World Chinese Art Education Association from 2008 -- present

阶段二: 世界华人美术教育协会 2008 -- 至今

Since many Chinese participants came from all over the world to attend the Cross-Strait Art Education Association Symposium, the 2006 committee suggested changing the name of association to “The World Chinese Arts Education Association”. The new mission for the association promotes inclusive art education with global perspectives.


The Current Structure


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